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[Owner] roughtoastMicrosoft has baught MC
And I am now always busy working on other things
I now run a bussiness for the current town i live in. I now to phone,tablets,media device and computer repairs. beacuse this is taking all my money up i dont have enough to keep on running Greenlands Survival. So after such a long time of being up and having so little donations to help with server costs I have decided to leave it to the comunity to pay for and a hand full of people to manage. as for payments I will no longer be paying for unless the amount needed for the server is donated monthly. $30 This is not the end of GLS as long as the players help out.
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[Mod] GL_Doctor   Well i can see alredy in the future Microsoft will change something, and minecraft wont be the same anymore, if this server is closed due to no donation, I would like to say it was an honor working with you guys :), doc out
iori   it's ok dude
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[Owner] roughtoastGuys, we had hit our space limit, i'v had it increased. beacuse of this i think the server has tryed editing files to make them smaller.
in saying this it seems that everyones pets have been removed . .. including their items.
i'm sorry to say this but I dont have any backups of the plugins. so i cant reverse the effect.
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[Tmod] frostbot200   *sigh*
[Owner] roughtoast   I will allow admins to give out leads and spawn mobs for the players, as long as admins dont give out the two donator pets. . . .The skeleton horse and the Zombie horse.
Items wont be refunded becuse there is no logs of them.
mineman15243   roughy… when will pets be able to level past lvl 10 D:
[Owner] roughtoastJust uploaded the finished version of the server Icon. Make sure to thank TheProtector for the awesome work on making the base design. then thank Tom Rattenbury for his effort in editing to to make the finished product! enjoy guys!
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andrew4043   I heard that you can use GroupManager
[Head] diamond1   do NOT advertise. even on the forums. if you want to ask rough. pm him on enjin or skype.
[Tmod] TheProtector   Omigosh you used it!
Thanks so much ^^
[Owner] roughtoast20% off when you donate, NOW ON!
Use the code 20off when you go to purchase to get %20 off your purchase. this is for everything in your shopping basket.
If there was ever a time to donate NOW IS YOUR TIME!
2 Uses per customer.
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DiamondEagle10   umm toast slime has been advertieing to SirQuigon but i understand he should be muted by frost and so he did and he did it PERMANTLY hes bugging me and is really upset can u talk to frost about this and he just wont stop bothering me about this
SlimeDj8   I got perm mute for no reason and i was gunna donate that day so i stopped and i changed my mind and its all frostbot200 and Gamer_Phoenix so u can deal with that.
SirQuigon   Y r u advertising on GLS slime?
[Owner] roughtoastHey guys, we need more players. Refer to your friends n get em' online.
Know how to get more players? send comment on here.

Also, Very soon we shall have a referal system, the more friends that refer you the better rewards. anything from ranks to items shall be given to the players who get refered. so get out there n help the server out n get some more people :p

Little heads up. every time 30 players have refered you, you get 1 month free VIP.
Which means. . . .You guessed it! Donator mine! 1 free shop (can only have one), colored chat,flying and many many more perks. Hell you can even change your spawners to another mob time.
Great if you want to make fire works to celebrate your rank n feet :p
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andrew4043   when are the plugins coming out?
DiamondEagle10   hey toast ill get players from my faction to join see if they are interested just we have compettition with SirQuigon
SirQuigon   Wats up with that diamondeagle10 I advertise for greenland s I'm not competition gls is like one of my favorite servers
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[Owner] roughtoast   I gotta region them XD
[Owner] roughtoast   should of gotten em! idk get a admin to. what shop at spawn do you want? gimmie cords.
[Owner] roughtoast   have you got skype? ill add you so i can come on when your on.
[Owner] roughtoastOnly one more day to design a Icon for the server.
Remember If you design the Icon you get Supporter rank for a entire month.
Or if you come up with the best idea for the server icon then you get VIP for the entire month. Click this [link] to go to the page.
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[Owner] roughtoastGUYS!
After many many months of us being whitelisted and well having a screwy server. . . THE SERVER IS FIXED AND IS READY TO JOIN!!!!
This is only to players with PREMIUM.
Our password plugin is currently down and out for the count at the moment. So untill we find a plugin to replace the old one, It will be premium minecraft players only able to join.

Got a Password plugin that works on Minecraft 1.7.9 servers?
Recomend it. Then we can allow all of our awesome cracked members to join.
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[Mod] Muzzeec   Are whitelisted cracked people still get to join?
[Mod] GL_Doctor   everyone can join
Minebrix   Getting excited
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SpazzySlime   It seems that only Devin and I use it....
andrew4043   ur right im stuck on the logging in screen...
mineman15243   Rough the shop is glitched i mean ik you still workin on the server but just sayin. i and probably all the gls players aswell would appriceate if you posted when server is up. the later the greater! Good luck Roughie :D
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