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What did I miss?
Yehey the GLS coming back... this make me Happy hehe :d
Rough i know this one :"Tom and Jerry" :d
guys what are some good cat n mouse animie serries?
roughtoastI need imput

Update:2 scenarios
Scenario #1
We up the server to 1.6.2 and continue looking for good cracked launchers and updating the plugins

Scenario #2
We put the server back how it was last week at 1.5.2
untill all plugins are properly updated and cracked launchers are available to have with ease.

Please comment bellow if you have any better ideas or cracked launchers.
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noyasd   we're using TeamExtreme Launcher 2.0 and its working great ^^
Dianamu x  Or Scenario #3 goto 1.6.2 and ditch all cracked people and play prem.
OwnzLOL   [link]
roughtoastAs tou have all seen theres quite a few plugins down,these will be back up soon im waiting on there updates.
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dj02jr   I hate your keyboard rough
roughtoast   XD *You
OwnzLOL   Which minecraft version are u aiming for rough?
roughtoastAnyone who is looking for Cracked Minecraft 1.6.1
this one works iv tried it
Minecraft 1.6.1 Cracked Launcher/Installer McOpenLauncher Tu...
LINK TO FIX: Downl...
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shnapyero   Hey I just found out the mineshafter login thing is fixed! I already uploaded my skinned everything! This is however,on my iPad,so idk about my comp...
shnapyero   Aaaaaand it doesn't work -.-
OwnzLOL   Or you can use the [link] launcher which can update to the latest minecraft version
roughtoastCongratulations to the following players for there promotion to ModIT
Congratulations to TimeZ and Muzzeec aka gamer for there promotion to Moderator
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KillerMango   Hate you???
Toast forgot to add me to polls, then when they restarted he added me, and then he forgot to give ModIT to me after i go enough votes...i think he hates me
Muzzeec   Lol KillerMango it's just erm I don't know what's the term but I think its just a coincidence. Oh that's the word!
DiamondEagle10   where do i sighn up fo the next time i can become a modit well i may have a chance =)
roughtoastMinecraft 1.6.1 IS OUT,its only avaliable for the new launcher and has to be installed manually

when the server is updated to 1.6.1 i will release a bunch of cracked launchers for everyone,i recomend looking at mineshafter as i think that one will be the most likely to update the fastset
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frostbot200   WAT THE MAP IS RESTARTING !?
roughtoast   Can you not read.
"Map is NOT restarting"
φΩ•►Dávîd◄•Ωφ   i got a craked luancher but its on a other servers website
roughtoastLowell has been disqualified from becoming a Moderator as he has joined the website under multiple usernames to create votes. The votes still currently stand but Lowell is unable to become Moderator. Lowell do not ask at all to become moderator or for forgiveness as you will not become Moderator for this month. If I see this conduct again throughout any other players they will permanently banned from getting any promotions.

Because of these actions Lowell's IP will be banned from [link] for the next 4 days and the Polls will be reset.
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Ace1064 AKA Kronk   Niice Tryyingg For Cheating :d
Ace1064 AKA Kronk   you Will Become A Moderrator At The Next Poll
Vengance_Fatter   Nice.. :d
You Become ModiT.. But you do cheating for you'r promotion T_T
roughtoastIf your wondering why there is now a massive pokemart next to the NPC market its beacuse soon you will be able to put your pets in like a bank
So were upgrading and making it more like PokeMon seems that we can catch em all with Eggs well all but creepers :p
we can ride em all and become best friends with out pets (apart from dragons withers n ghasts)
and we can soon bank them i thought eh why the hell not just make it all and integrate it into the poke center
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GL_Sparky   Sound's cool!
klue   lol- so it's like, there's a PC-like thingy to swap pokemon there?
roughtoast   yea but thats just for show,still yet to add the poke food and fella you bank your pokemon in
roughtoastPlease change your Ip address you connect to the server to [link]
this is our domain now please use it
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krish   what is the ip
[ModIT] andrew4043   its the same and it still works for me -_-
roughtoast   Dam enjin its GLSurvival .in Minus the space between GLSurvival and .in
roughtoastPVP War
Winners were Jelly Beans . . . . . dam u and ur golden apples
and Instantavnenu

all the mods died apart from ME . . . .muzzys death was me twice XD

Congratulation Instant
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Hidan_Hideaki   DX I MISSED IT!
Lowell/Dhane   i did die but only once cause of over using ender pearls xD
JellyBeans   the olny times i went out of the areana was to repair my armor because they were almost broken.
roughtoastCongratulations to our new Moderator Dj02jr,he has been away for some time but is back and is now a moderator
Grats bro
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